NGO Prima from Montenegro, is part of the regional network “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey” created in partnership with “Ana i Vlade Divac” Foundation in Serbia, Association for Education – MLADIINFO International in Macedonia, Partners Albania and “Community Volunteers Foundation” in Turkey. Network activities are financially supported through the project funded by the European Commission within the Support to Regional Thematic Networks of Civil Society Organizations and regional network.

Network focus on youth participation, and monitor youth policy developments in respective countries with the aim to advocacy for youth issues. We consider youth participation as important element of democracy. It has benefits for the young people themselves and society in general. Decision makers needs to create framework, and tools to ensure active involvement of young people in all decision-making processes on issues that affect them.

In order contribute to improvement of existing public policies that enable youth to be more active, it is of key importance to provide evidence on public policy performance and this is one of the main reasons why the Youth Participation Index (YPI) is created. This index of participation of young people is divided into three pillars: Political participation of young people;

Social participation of young people and Economic participation of young people. Youth Law states that Youth Policy in Montenegro is planned, implemented and promoted on the basis of real needs of young people, empirical and practical knowledge on the situation of young people, research and regular monitoring and assessment of the situation of young people, with the active involvement of young people in this process. In line with this, data collection was based on desk research and official requests for information sent to responsible institutions (Ministry of education, MONSTAT, Parliament of Montenegro etc).

Monitoring reports are published annually, and considering that this is the second annual report, it provides some significant comparisons of data of the two years of monitoring (2016 and 2017), a set of policy recommendations and potential issues for advocacy initiatives identified through a series of round table consultation with young people and CSO representatives.

Podgorica, December 2017

The publication can be downloaded: