In order contribute to improvement of existing public policies that enable youth to be more active, it is of key importance to provide evidence on public policy performance and this is one of the main reasons why the Youth Participation Index (YPI) is created. This index is divided into three pillars: political, social and economic participation of young people, and monitored in Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Turkey and Macedonia.

This monitoring report is based on data collected during desk research and official requests for information sent to responsible institutions (Ministry of education, MONSTAT, Parliament of Montenegro etc). Our results are in line with the observation from Council of Europe level that while it is true that youth interest in and participation in formal political institutions and processes such as voting have declined over the past decades, along with trust in democratic institutions and leaders, it is only when applying a very narrow definition of political participation that one could conclude that youth have a low participation or interest in politics. If we broaden our definition beyond participation in elections and formal political institutions to include participation in civic and voluntary associations and in protest and social movements, the picture changes considerably. (Flesher Fominaya for EU-CoE youth partnership).

NGO Prima from Montenegro prepared this monitoring report as a part of the activities of regional network “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey” created in partnership with “Ana i Vlade Divac” Foundation in Serbia, Association for Education – MLADIINFO International in Macedonia, Partners Albania and “Community Volunteers Foundation” in Turkey. Network focus on youth participation, and monitor youth policy developments in respective countries with the aim to advocacy for youth issues.

Network activities are financially supported through the project funded by the European Commission within the Support to Regional Thematic Networks of Civil Society Organizations and regional network. For certain activities implemented in Montenegro, NGO Prima also got a support from Ministry of finances of Montenegro trough Games of chance funds.

Podgorica, Jun 2018


National Senior Policy Researcher, Aleksandra Gligorovic

The publication can be downloaded: